In today’s competitive business environment, promotional marketing is becoming a larger focus for many organizations. Connecting a brand’s core values with the right type of products and solutions can certainly be a challenge. B-Squared aligns promotional efforts with brand objectives.


Located in Canton, OH, 415 Group is a certified public accounting, business consulting and IT services firm. Since 1981, they have built a strong reputation for excellent customer service and unmatched quality, serving both businesses and individuals in the Northeastern Ohio region.

For decades, 415 Group has relied on promotional marketing over more traditional means to tell their brand’s story. Rich Craig, Partner at 415 Group explains, “We don’t actively advertise our brand. We rely on our promotional products to represent who we are and what our organization is all about. We need these items to be of top-quality and more than anything else, something we’re proud to put our name on.”

When their former supplier was no longer able to service their needs, the search for qualifying a new promotional vendor was underway.

B-Squared promotional item -  deep freeze speaker cooler
B-Squared Promotional Products - Fitness Resolution Kit


415 Group first heard about B-Squared through a mutual client. Craig said, “Being tied into the local business community can pay dividends—that’s how we first met Brent Belles and learned about his business. We’re firm believers in supporting businesses like B-Squared that are part of this community.”

The initial scope of work was small. Craig mentioned that to test B-Squared’s quality, they were given several small print jobs as a qualification. “Business cards is where we started, I believe,” he said. After several months of trial runs, the B-Squared team quickly made an impression with their affordability, quality products and customer service.

“We rank customer service and quality very high, in fact, it’s hard to even separate the two. When you can add affordability to that mix, you get real value. That’s what 415 Group is looking for and that’s what we found in B-Squared,” Craig said.

Beyond that, the products and brands that B-Squared brings to the table have aligned nicely with 415 Group’s position as a top provider in their industry. Craig went on to say, “We rely on the quality products B-Squared offers. For example, Brent is in a select group of apparel providers that are authorized to carry the Under Armour brand.”

"Basically, we rely on their expertise. We consider B-Squared to be more than a vendor, they’ve become a partner."


One of the biggest benefits of using B-Squared as their total promotional provider has been the ability to have someone take care of the entire process. According to Craig, Brent and the team are constantly bringing solutions and ideas to the 415 Group, along with staying current on trends that help present the company the way they want to be seen. “Basically, we rely on their expertise. We consider B-Squared to be more than a vendor, they’ve become a partner,” Craig said.

He also added, something very unique about Brent is his ability to not only present the right solutions, but he also owns the problems when they arise.

Craig recounted a time where B-Squared put this into practice, saying, “When 415 Group recently moved locations, we refreshed our brand and overhauled our printed materials. In the midst of all this, we ordered some printed materials incorrectly. In fact, 2,000 printed pieces to be exact. We thought these would have to be scrapped. Brent stepped in with a better solution. He found a way to creatively repurpose these pieces by having them cut down and used as part of another printed piece.”

For the 415 Group, B-Squared’s partnership ensures their brand is always looking good.

B-Squared Promotional Products - Thermos Stainless Steel Food Jar

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