As healthcare costs continue to rise, how can companies promote a healthier lifestyle to their employees? B-Squared offers a cool solution.


As a leading designer and manufacturer of corrugated packaging and displays, Buckeye Corrugated Inc. (BCI) operates nine plants nationwide with a team of more than 600 employees. The company offers a voluntary wellness program, which includes an annual health fair for employees and their spouses.

For its 2017 initiative, the company offered free biometric screenings, where employees could measure their glucose level, waist circumference/body mass index, total cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure. They could then compare their results against national averages. BCI hopes to eventually incorporate these measurements into its group healthcare plan. But first, it wanted to grow employee participation. The company turned to B-Squared for a creative solution.

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"It’s a long journey," said John Powell, BCI corporate controller. "What we needed was a fun incentive to boost awareness that these biometrics are important."
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BCI employees who met their biometric goals received points for each result. B-Squared then developed an online shopping portal, where employees could redeem their points for cool promotional products and apparel.

"Anytime you’re giving away free gifts, there’s excitement," said Powell. "But we also wanted to address everyone’s concerns, so we stressed confidentiality. We took great pains to make sure that no one in our company — or at B-Squared — received anyone’s personal health information. Only healthcare providers compiled the results."

The prizes ranged in size and value. Small awards included thermoses, tote bags and shirts, while top tier winners could choose from name-brand watches, blenders and even drones. All of the products were branded with BCI’s logo.

"B-Squared put together a variety of prizes that are trendy and somebody is going to like," said Powell. "Everybody had at least three or four things that they could choose from."

After the shopping period closed, B-Squared fulfilled the orders and shipped them to each location, along with a personal note from BCI’s president.

"B-Squared put together a variety of prizes that are trendy and somebody is going to like," said Powell. "Everybody had at least three or four things that they could choose from."


More than 480 employees received a biometric screening, and Powell credits that high participation rate to the promotional product incentives.

"This was our first time doing this program, so there were a couple glitches we all had to deal with," he said. "We all just had to roll with things that were unanticipated."

Powell said B-Squared’s responsive team helped to make the initiative a success.

"Anytime there’s a question or issue, they’re prompt to respond and make good," he said. "They take ownership. They don’t try to dodge and weave. They accept it and remedy it. Life is easier when you’re working with companies like that."

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