Physician onboarding often takes extensive time and resources. Between welcome gifts and lab coat orders, it can be cumbersome for large healthcare organizations to manage their promotional product needs. But B-Squared offers a simple, scalable solution.


US Acute Care Solutions (USACS) is the national leader in physician-owned emergency medicine, hospitalist and observation services. The company provides high-quality care to approximately six million patients annually at nearly 200 locations in 22 states.

For more than six years, the company’s leadership has relied on B-Squared for their promotional product needs, from scrubs and apparel to duffel bags and print materials.

USACS Director of Creative Marketing Jason Bader said the team at B-Squared frequently offers recommendations for products that are on-brand and on-budget.

"Sometimes we know what we want, but a lot of time they help us," Bader said. "We might have a concept that’s at a higher price-point, and they’ll give us alternative solutions, which is where B-Squared really shines."

As more clinicians join the company, Bader said he needed a simple way for new and current employees to place promotional product orders that didn’t require significant time or maintenance.

B-Squared promotional item -  deep freeze speaker cooler
"It’s great. It’s really helped as we’ve scaled our business."  
B-Squared Promotional Products - Fitness Resolution Kit


USACS and B-Squared launched an online web store, where USACS employees can shop for products and place orders using an individual login.

"As orders come through, B-Squared processes and drop ships them," said Bader. "They take care of all the backend. It’s great. It’s really helped as we’ve scaled our business. It would be nearly impossible for me to place individual orders at our scale."

While orders are placed and shipped across the country, Bader said he trusts that each one will maintain their brand consistency.

"I get to approve anything that’s in the store, and I know that our brand is protected because I’ve given them our brand guidelines," he said. "There’s quality assurance there, down to the embroidery thread colors."

"I know that our brand is protected. There’s quality assurance there, down to the embroidery thread colors."  


"The store has been really helpful and well-received by our new hires," said Bader. "B-Squared handles a lot of the questions and answers. If something doesn’t seem right, they may reach out to me for clarification. But as far as I’m concerned, this is something that’s run autonomously."

If an issue does arise, Bader said he trusts the team at B-Squared to provide a remedy.

"B-Squared really stands behind its products," he said. "If something doesn’t come back quite up to snuff, I feel comfortable with the customer service at B-Squared to know that they’re going to make it right."

He said ultimately, it’s that strong commitment to customer service that keeps him returning for more products.

"Our organization runs on tight timelines and I’ve given B-Squared impossible timelines to meet, and they’ve done it. And they’ve done it well. That’s why we keep coming back. I push my vendors to their limits, but everybody always seems to come through. That’s why we continue this partnership with B-Squared, and I truly think it is a partnership."

B-Squared Promotional Products - Thermos Stainless Steel Food Jar

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